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Who are the women behind 4?

4 is co-founded by Mae & Ku, best-friends of more than 20 years, one in NY, the other in Toronto. We are April-Aries, thinkers, artists, readers, designers, feminists, long-walkers, lovers, mothers, collaborators and experienced makers who are challenging traditional business practices while producing a cherished collection to love, care for and pass down: 4 us, 4 you, LOVE what you keep.

I'm a COLLECTOR, when will I receive the next piece in the collection? 
We are committed to each garment and produce on a rolling basis. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to know when the next piece in the collection will be released. If you become a Collector and do not purchase all of the previously released collection pieces we will send you one seasonally relevant piece every 3 months depending on the productions schedule and availability. Please note that due to the perpetually limited stock of the Rabbit Jacket it may not be the first piece you receive. We will ALWAYS reach out before we bill & ship to confirm the Collection piece and size. Click here to learn more about becoming a COLLECTOR.

What if I want to return or exchange an item?

At FOUR, we want you to LOVE WHAT YOU KEEP. We therefore offer returns or exchanges for up to 6 months after you receive your purchase. Email us at to request a return label. Please see our Shipping & Returns page for detailed information.

A note on returns, we intend to keep every FOUR piece out of the landfill by collecting all returns, making any necessary repairs and reselling the pieces as 4WORN. Included in 4WORN will be prototypes, sample pieces, size sets and photo shoot strikes. If an item is too damaged for repair we will recycle the textile. Want to know when new pieces are added to resale? Sign up for our newsletter and you'll be the first to know! 

Why did you change your donation from 44 to 4%? And where does the money go?

We've simplified our donation strategy from 44% of net profit to 4% of sales. As our business grows we feel this will be the most accurate and effective way to give back! We started with 44% of net profit to give the maximum we could after the cost of developing & making the product and doing business were accounted for; however, we found that this was confusing to many people. We're learning every day, and what we learned from feedback from our community was that it was easier to understand a donation model as a percentage of sales (like 1% for the planet and other established programs) than to explain a donation based on profit alone.
Does this mean you'll be giving less money?
No, our donation amount will be very similar to our prior model, we're just changing how we calculate and account for it.
When do you donate?
We donate for each item once a year, we will now be calculating the previous year of sales and then submitting our donation 6 months after that year long period to account for our extended return policy.

Learn more on our Brand page.

What is the Fit Party and how do I snag an invite? 
Every few months we invite all of our Collectors to join us for a fun evening of wine, snacks and clothes! Fit Parties are not only a fun way of achieving the perfect fit, but they help us understand the size range of each garment. Want to attend? Become a Collector and you'll automatically receive an invite. On the fence about becoming a Collector, but still want to attend? Just drop us a line at

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