Who are the women behind 4?

4 is co-founded by Mae & Ku, best-friends of more than 20 years, one in NY, the other in Toronto. We are April-Aries, thinkers, artists, readers, designers, feminists, long-walkers, lovers, mothers, collaborators and experienced makers who are challenging traditional business practices while producing a cherished collection to love, care for and pass down: 4 us, 4 you.

I'm a COLLECTOR, when will I receive the next piece in the collection? 
We are committed to each garment and produce on a rolling basis. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter by clicking the tab in the upper right hand corner to know when we release the next garment in the collection. Click here to learn more about becoming a COLLECTOR?

What if I want to return or exchange an item?

At FOUR, we want you to LOVE WHAT YOU KEEP. We therefore offer returns or exchanges for up to 6 months after you receive your purchase. Please see our Shipping & Returns page for detailed information.

A note on returns, we intend to keep every FOUR piece out of the landfill by collecting all returns, making any necessary repairs and reselling the pieces as FOUR WORN. Included in FOUR WORN will be prototypes, sample pieces, size sets and photo shoot strikes. If an item is too damaged for repair we will recycle the textile. Want to know when we open the secondary market? Sign up for our newsletter and you'll be the first to know! 

What is the Fit Party and how do I snag an invite? 
Every few months we invite all of our Collectors to join us for a fun evening of wine, snacks and clothes! Fit Parties are not only a fun way of achieving the perfect fit, but they help us understand the size range of each garment. Want to attend? Become a Collector and you'll automatically receive an invite. On the fence about becoming a Collector, but still want to attend? Just drop us a line at info@fourobjects.com   
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Where does the 44% go?

Each product results in a different donation. As we develop each product, we work with the makers to determine which organizations are making a difference in their lives and community. At the end of the year-long product life cycle, we will calculate the net profit of each item and donate 44% to the selected recipients. We will publish each donation at the end of the year and post it on our website. Learn more on our Sustainability page.


Email us at info@fourobjects.com

All love letters and return packages should be addressed to:

1253 Carroll Street Brooklyn, NY 11213