How do I support this project?

During our Summer 2018 crowdfunding period, we've provided a number of incentives to Collectors, or those who simply believe in and support this project. For all donations, we'll send you a hand-written 'thank you' card with a swatch of our original fabric. For the first 100 donations of $100 or more, you will receive a limited-edition brass pin and for donations of $200 or more, a limited-edition, signed art print by Matthew Johnson. No matter how you join the 4 community, you'll be supporting a wider vision of what women can achieve in business and fashion. 

When will I get my #rabbitjacket?

All #rabbitjacket orders EXCEPT Size 2 are currently shipping. Size 2's will begin shipping again in September 2018.

Where does the 44% go?

Each product results in a different donation. As we develop each product, we will work with the makers and workers to determine which organizations are making a difference in their lives and community. At the end of the year-long product life cycle, we will calculate the net profit of each item and donate 44% to the selected recipients. We will publish each donation at the end of the year and post it on our website.

Who are the women behind 4?

4 is co-founded by best-friends of more than 20 years, one in NY, the other in Toronto. We are April-Aries, thinkers, artists, readers, designers, feminists, long-walkers, lovers, mothers, collaborators and experienced makers who are challenging traditional business practices while producing a cherished collection to love, care for and pass down: 4 us, 4 you.

What if I want to return or exchange an item?

At FOUR, we want you to love what you keep. We therefore offer returns or exchanges for up to 6 months after you receive your purchase. Returns or exchanges are free of charge.