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At FOUR our goal is to produce a capsule collection of perfect essentials made from the cleanest, most luxurious materials. From our NY Studio, we design pieces we promise you will treasure. Wear them, repair them and pass them down. LOVE what you keep.

We're serious about circularity! Everything we make from prototypes to returns is carefully sorted for end use. We do everything we can to stay out of landfills from the design process through end of life by selecting all of our raw materials with care. 

Shop 4Worn for Resale.

Simple but never basic.

We design minimal, chic pieces meant to work. From the studio to the garden. From the office to the dinner party. From the playground to the play. From the museum to the site... Work it!

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Your Favorites

Your Favorites

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The Collection

The Collection

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Made to Order

Made to Order

Simplify Everything. Become a Collector and leave the shopping to us.

We release the collection four pieces at a time and never stop making them so you'll be able to find your favorites year after year.

Receive one luxurious piece four times a year RISK FREE with FREE SHIPPING, FREE EXCHANGES & FREE RETURNS for up to six months.

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The Collectorship is amazing. New pieces arrive every few months, it's been simple to change sizes or return pieces. Gorgeous clothes that have become everyday staples. I can't wait for my next piece!

Eliza Williams

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Versatility. Functionality. Lasting Luxury.

FOUR is a B corp dedicated to maintaining integrity with minimal impact to the planet.

Every purchase gives 4% Back.

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"Pieces so perfect you'll want to collect them all."