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Meet our Board of Directors

FOUR Board of Directors

We couldn't have found and maintained our connection with incredible and passionate people like you without the marketing expertise of Madison Hanley.

Madison is a passionate digital marketing specialist that supports companies with a commitment to social and environmental impact. In 2020, she founded Bluum, a digital marketing agency, to grow social-impact brands for a better future. She enjoys hiking, crafting beautiful email campaigns, and working with the FOUR team who shares her passion for the intersection between women, business and the planet.

Bluum Marketing

FOUR went from dream to reality with the generous support of the following talented individuals:

Denise Cassano & Beverly Whitaker of AAS who helped us strategize a sustainable business model to be proud of. Rabbit Goody, the weaver behind our Rabbit Jacket and a true inspiration for a working life. Musician, Sarah Neufeld, who graciously lent us her song Chase The Bright And Burning. Artist, Blaze Indigo Lamper, for being our first proto fit model. And Christiana Gozo, rock climber, 4 model and gracious analyst who helped us organize our thoughts.

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