4 is an apparel brand with a wider vision for women, by women. We openly challenge the notion that you need more and more. We defy the business model that says profits at the expense of others. And we laugh, wholeheartedly, at the notion of an ideal body.

At 4, we are committed to refining a business model that reflects our values as women while maintaining an ongoing engagement with questions that matter to us: who are we serving, are we supporting a larger community of women and are we doing so responsibly to the wearers, producers and the environment?

44% of profits will be donated to the community that produced each garment.

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the collection

Become a Collector.

A FOUR collector is someone interested in collecting each item we make for the duration of the FOUR project. As a collector you will be the first to receive each garment as soon as it becomes available, with free shipping and free exchanges for the life of the project. Each future garment will only be billed to you once it ships, you may cancel at anytime.

Becoming a collector is an important part of building our community and supporting the 4 brand as it helps us manage inventory and build an ongoing dialogue with you over the life of the four year project. All collectors will have an opportunity to help us achieve the perfect fit by attending our exclusive Fit Parties during the prototype phase of each garment.

Start your Collection.

What would we want to keep and wear forever? A luxurious, 16 piece collection: Timeless. Durable. Extraordinary. Each garment, never discounted, is consciously made and carefully constructed of the finest materials.

Four products a year for four years: a 16 piece collection to cherish, repair and pass down.