FOUR-The-BrandWe are committed to refining a business model that reflects our values as women while maintaining an ongoing engagement with questions that matter to us: who are we serving, are we supporting a larger community of women and are we doing so responsibly to the wearers, producers and the environment? 

A wider vision for women, by women


We are a women-owned company and certified member of the Female Founder Collective. Our home-design studio doubles as a safe, welcoming environment for our professional team of women to care for and spend time with their children - fostering the best of work and life balance. 

"We openly challenge the notion that you need more and more. We defy the business model that says profits at the expense of others. And we laugh, together, at the notion of an ideal body." 

Read more about our women founders here.foundation-sweater-alpaca

A luxurious 16 piece collection.


4 objects a year x 4 years.

Each garment, never discounted, is consciously and sustainably made and carefully constructed of the finest materials.


The Collection: Year 1

Objects 4.1-4.4 

rabbit-jacket-01 GOK-02   foundation-sweater-03bft-04    

The Collection: Year 2

Coming Soon: Objects 4.5-4.9

Introducing our quintessential tailored pieces with our updated forever classics, the knit pant and wool sweatshirt. Everything rides the line; dress it up or down. Always exceptionally comfortable and luxurious to the touch. 

four-trouser four-sweatshirt

FOUR-blazerFOUR-overcoat FOUR-active-pant

The first year took us two years! And thanks to the global pandemic, year two is going to take us about 15 months to deliver... but all in all we're getting faster as we're growing bigger. We predict year three is going to be right on time! And all thanks to our Collectors. Learn about becoming one here.


Coming Soon. . .

Well, we like to keep a few surprises, but think silk, think french cotton, think artist dresses and cargo pants you'll actually want to wear... Year 3 is already underway with its first prototype for your 100% un-dyed, fairly traded, camel hair overcoat. We're hoping to deliver late winter/early spring.
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