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4 products a year for 4 years:

a 16 piece collection to cherish, repair and pass down. Timeless. Intentional. Extraordinary.

Each garment, never discounted, is consciously made and carefully constructed of the finest materials.

A FOUR COLLECTOR is someone interested in collecting each item for the duration of the FOUR project. As a COLLECTOR, you will be the first to receive each garment as soon as it becomes available with FREE SHIPPING and FREE EXCHANGES. Each future garment will be billed to you once it ships, you may cancel at any time. All COLLECTORS will be invited to help us achieve the perfect fit by attending our exclusive Fit Parties during the prototype phase of each garment.

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When we began FOUR, we started with a simple idea: 4 new items a year, over 4 years to create a collection of clothing we want to own for a lifetime. Clothing that we would care for, maintain, use constantly and repair when it gets older. Clothing designed and crafted with so much care and consideration that it remains part of our lives for many years, allowing us to buy less with no regrets. When we created the vision for the 16 pieces, we came together to share our favorite pieces, the things we've always wanted and never found, the things we used to own and have never found again. We spoke with our dearest friends and family, our community of women, to hear about their favorite pieces, and honed all the ideas into the 16 objects we'll be sharing with you over the next 3 years. From the perfect trouser to the perfect utility pant, a dress we could wear for decades and a silk shirt inspired by a hundred-year-old museum textile. A sweatshirt you'll never want to take off, and the only raincoat you'll ever need. We'll share each item once it's ready, and offer it for the duration of the project. We look forward to seeing you wearing each of them, and making them yours.