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We're back at the design table for the first time in two years and there's one place we love to start for inspiration and that's at the fabric trade show, Premier Vision. PV is the place to go to meet fabric producers from all over the world and the best place to see what is at the forefront of sustainable innovation. We were not disappointed!


Our objectives in Paris were to eat fabulous food, take as much in on foot, see art, look at books and to sleep at least 8hrs a night because we have small children and work full-time, so that's generally wishful thinking.

Monet ♡ Mitchell
Pina ♡ Susan ♡ Yves


But our number one objective was to find you the most extraordinary fabrics from the most sustainable producers with the highest standards, and to have fun while doing it! We did our best...


You may remember that Portugal got me out of the basement, but ironically Paris sent me to bed. My first day of PV was a total bust, sending me back to the hotel with a stomach flu. Poor me.


Not to worry, Ku saved the day and found us some incredible raincoat membranes that biodegrade in a landfill in less than 10 years. Not good enough? Take into consideration that there are ZERO circular options for waterproof fabrics and that most take over 1000 years to even begin degrading... we'll take it and say yes, please.

The first half of our 16 piece Collection is out and if the verdict is in, you love it! As time goes by you're discovering that you look great in 3 different sizes and that you can wear it over and over and the pieces still look fresh. Everyone is layering! Yup, it's back in a big way. Phew. So what's next?

We've been getting lots of emails wondering that very question, with a side dish of special requests... petites, 3X+, dresses and more everyday pieces... how exciting! As designers and conceptual artists, it's so satisfying to defy marketing demographics and say our Collectors are 26-86 years old, wear sizes 2-26+ and come from all over the country. It's difficult to please such a variety of beautiful humans, but we'll continue to try!  

 Hemp, flax linen, organic cotton, rws wools, recycled noble fibers like cashmere, alpaca and camel, recycled wood pulps, by-products of acgricultural waste like banana leaves and pineapple magically transformed into wearable treasures...
 3-D design innovations in zero-wasted cutting... we got really inspired here with details, maybe our raincoat needs a padded bag/vest as liner/wearable accessory, pop-up tent? just kidding, that's taking it too far.

We promise that the next eight Collectibles will bring you even more versatility with more layers, more functionality and more lasting luxury, all while maintaining our integrity with minimal impact on our only inhabitable planet.  

Think silk blouses, utility pants, socks, dresses, active pants (remember the Up & Down Pant? it's still coming), night shirts, scarves, raincoats, dead-stock, special editions and more! Stay tuned as we release more information about THIRD FOUR over the coming weeks.

90,000 steps later.
Ciao Ciao Ciao
Au revoir mes amis. À bientôt.





 Mon fils est content que je sois à la maison... GOAT.

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