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Intentionality is at the foundation of everything we make at FOUR.

When we create a new piece for your collection, our first intention is to make something of high quality that will last a long time and be loved, repaired and passed down. The most impact any of us can have is to use what we have and keep what we buy for a long time.

Next, we look at where the materials come from and whether they are made responsibly to the community and environment. We look at our makers, our partners, and choose incredible people (mostly women, but also wonderful men) to work with. And finally, we donate 44% back to the community of makers.

Responsible Makers

We look for manufacturing partners that share our values and beliefs, with a strong emphasis on women. While we often stay local, supporting New York Manufacturing and Thistle Hill Weavers.
Rabbit Goody Thistle Hill Weavers Rabbit Jacket raw silk hemp linen merino wool organic cotton
We also believe in supporting incredible makers globally like Art Atlas, a women owned business with vertical sustainability practices and deep community investment. 
Art Atlas PERU alpaca FOUR fondation sweater

Responsible Materials

When looking at our materials, we first consider the mill we are purchasing from and their level of quality and best practices. Our first priority is always the quality and longevity of the garment so that we can live up to our promise of doing more with less. Next, we look at organic and recycled materials, focusing on natural fibers that will decompose over time.  We avoid microplastics and non-recyclable, non-biodegradable materials at all costs. Finally we look at dyeing and finishing, water usage and care, trims and labels, so that the garment is using minimal resources to be made and cared for. Learn more about our GOTS certified organic pima cotton and our undyed, sustainably farmed alpaca in our Foundation Sweater here.

GOTS organic Peruvian Supima Pima Cotton FOUR BFtee

alpaca peru FOUR Foundation Sweater

44% back 

When we create a new product, we always learn about the community in which it's made. While we are working with our makers on fabrics and patterns, we also ask them what organizations are doing important work to make their lives better. After a full year has passed, we begin an annual donation cycle for each item to the organization chosen by the makers, and continue each year to donate 44% of the profit of each item through the completion of the project. Our first donation, from #Rabbit Jacket will be released in Summer, 2020! 


We will do our best to repair any defective item or exchange it for a new one. Don't worry, we won't throw it away, we'll fix it up and resell it on FOUR WORN (see below). We have had an occasional issue with our chambray buttons when dried on high heat, they crack! If this has happened to your GOK, let us know at the email below and we'll replace your buttons for free (with our new and improved button). BORO, our Artisanal Repair Service offers handmade repairs on any FOUR items that have already been well loved and worn. Inspired by the practice of Boro, we believe that artistically repaired clothing increases in meaning and value with every patch and stitch. Need a repair? Email us at info@fourobjects.com
Robe, unknown, 1850 – 1900, Japan. Museum no. FE.27-2015. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Returns & Resell & Recycling

We intend to keep every FOUR piece out of the landfill by collecting all returns, making any necessary repairs and reselling the pieces as FOUR WORN. Included in FOUR WORN will be prototypes, sample pieces, size sets and photo shoot strikes. We are still collecting returns for resale, launch date TBA. If an item is too damaged for repair we will recycle the textile with GrowNYC and Fabscrap

NYC Grow Textile recycling FOUR