Lisa, our friend and host, graciously volunteered her space and talents to do a photoshoot for FOUR. She wrangled Lauren, Eddie and Megan to help model and Arash, our talented photographer, to capture the weekend.

Turning into the long, tree-lined driveway at “Lune”, in Goderich, Ontario, we passed aged iron gates and acres and acres of organic soybeans growing in the afternoon sun. It felt as though the wild had been gently manicured. Allowed to exist on her own, but coaxed into paths and shapes reminiscent of a bygone era of gentlewoman farmers. 

Stepping through the door, Lune became resolutely modern. Clean, minimalist interiors, sparsely decorated and expertly finished. To the left was a room in whites and light neutrals, to the right, charcoal walls and dark furnishings, and in the middle hallway, a giant paper moon, perfectly placed.

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We spent some time talking to the women on the shoot about Lune, their lives, and the clothes...how things change and age and become reinvented. The following are excerpts from our conversations…

Lisa Mok Lune 1860 FOUR LOOKBOOK

LISA MOK @Lune1860

Ku: 80 acres. Tell me about the land here and what you are doing with it?


When we first bought the property it took three and half years to turn the fields over to be able to farm organic. 40 acres is farmland and 48 acres is protected forest. That's all old-growth trees, and then it backs onto a river. We wanted to cultivate the land responsibly and leave the forest untouched.

Ku: Tell us about the name Lune.


I love night time. Always have. I find things are just calmer, people are calmer. Everybody's so high strung during the day, night is the time where people can truly be themselves and just relax. My husband and I, we love hosting and we realized when we were out with people at dinner, they're just more themselves. So that's how I came up with the idea of the moon. I'm fascinated by the moon, what it represents, and also the idea of rejuvenation and relaxation. The moon can actually change a complete body of water. What does it do to peak people's moods and whatnot? I find that so fascinating.

I love the fact that the moon is always a "she". There's so much meaning behind such a simple object in the sky, from a philosophical and a poetic perspective. I really wanted to bring that into this place that people can gather in. People can come and just experience themselves and have an amazing time, and then go home and get on with their lives. 

Yeah. So, that's just how this all kind of transpired. And then ensuring that moon elements always carried over, from textures to detailing, and the idea of night and day with the two rooms. And we designed it in a way where you can only have intimate gatherings. I didn't want 300 people, I wanted a venue that could host 100 people, tops. When you go down to 40 or 50 people, you tend to be more honest and you feel relaxed. That's kind of the feeling we want people to have when they have any kin of event or gathering here.


I love that.


Right? Yeah. I don't want to create a product per se, where you can touch and want something that you can't have forever. I love that, the idea of an experience only lasts for so long. It's cliche, but it's true. I love that we can't really capture it in a photo. You really have to have been there. So no matter how much you Instagram the place, what happened that night, you cannot really re-articulate.

It's really enhancing that feeling of taking a moment you have with that person, the family that you're with, and really cherish it because it's never, never lasting. That translated into working with amazing artists like Lauren, who does beautiful flowers. Her idea of working with things that don't live forever really translate well with the experience of this moment.


Lauren Sellen Coyote Flowers FOUR lookbook

LAUREN SELLEN @coyoteflowers


Tell me about your work with Flowers...and everything else. 


I knew that I wanted to do something with my hands, I wanted to make something, and I wanted to practice an art. And I feel like flowers just kind of ticked off all those boxes for me. It was something where I wouldn't have to be auditioning or pitching myself to anyone like when I was in the performing arts. I would just be able to say: this is what I do. If you are interested, come to me and I can provide that. And it did translate into a real job. So that's how I started down this road, and I just started following people I admired and taking classes from them all over the world, really.


What are some interesting opportunities you've had that are not weddings?


I've done a few installations and restaurants and things, and then I've done some shoots for stuff that I have really liked. Sometimes it’s just me making something. My husband is a photographer, so we often spend our free time just doing what we regularly do anyway. He enjoys it because he has something interesting to shoot and I enjoy it because then I get photos from what I do. We often will put music on and just kind of...


Make stuff.


Yeah. And it just kind of goes where it wants to go. It may be something weird that I did in the backyard that then gave me an opportunity to do something in Provence. And then that wedding in Provence got me into this Phaidon book of florists of all over the world. And being a part of this new kind of art form is really energizing for me.

Ku:  I'm interested a little bit more to hear about your process, creatively. Like what have you been discovering, working in this strange time?


I think my work will change coming out of this. I want to do pieces that experiment with unrest, like where something is almost put together on one side and where it kind of breaks open on another side and where it's just not the same moving forward. So I don't know if that's like an installation, or a piece, an arrangement, or something even much more simple where like one side of even a flower is intact and one is...just breaking open, that point where something moving forward is not the same as it was and how that can maybe, hopefully, still be beautiful.


We think a lot about celebrating a thing in it’s different stages and forms. This whole process of starting the collection, and a business, has been a kind of collaborative, iterative process. Even if it's small things, I think that's something that we always idealized as part of this, that people would share their experiences in the clothes, and we would just be constantly refining.


Part of the beauty that I see in not only what I do, but also what I see in this project, especially after I saw your pieces as they wear, is how you can change. One thing I love about flowers is that you put them a certain way. You arrange them. But then they carry on after you stopped touching them. And I feel like with these clothes, too, they seem to wear and change a little bit and they take on you, your shape and your style and a little bit of you. You've made them, you've styled them, you've created them. And then you give them to all these amazing women, and it just does seem to be so evident that they just take on this other life. It's so interesting. I love that.





The first thing I want to ask you is what you are most passionate about in your life right now... 


Oh my goodness. It's such a cliché, but I'll just have to say my boys.  They mean everything to me.


What is it about motherhood that's bringing you so much meaning?


I think that is such an important question. As I reflect on my early childhood, I can't remember the type of tempermant I had.  I know my kids are their own people, but a part of them is me.  I look at how stubborn my two boys are and I think "that must have been me!"


I'm interested to learn more about your relationship with nature. The way you grew up and your experience here in Toronto...


I come from a humble upbringing and I was fortunate enough to interact closely with nature.  We grew seasonal plants and had our own livestock - my Toronto-born partner and I always joke that he doesn't even know when a fruit is ripe or how to pluck the feathers off a chicken! I grew up seeing wild animals in my backyard and I really miss this in a big city like Toronto - unless you count raccoons as wild life!  I've made it a point to have a garden and make sure my kids are involved - we turn over logs and find worms and caterpillars, and try to guess if it will turn into a moth or butterfly.  Through all this I believe they will see themselves as a part of nature and not something separate from it. 

Ku: Where in Kenya did you grow up?


I spent equal parts of my life in rural small villages and big cities like Nairobi and Mombasa.  When I was a kid during the holidays we would go 'up-country' to visit our aunts or grandparents.  My grandma (Shosho in Kikuyu language) was a strong, self-made single mother that I adore and have come to understand the struggles she went through to care for her family.  Later on I lived and worked in Mombasa on the coast of the Indian Ocean as a teacher at an International Baccalaureate (IB) school.  Oh I miss my students right now! 

Ku: When I first saw your picture I thought you might be a professional model, then Lisa told me you were a friend who was happy to help us out. How did you feel doing the shoot?


No, no, no, I’m not a professional model. I'm a stay-at-home mom and decided to go back to school.  During the shoot I was just thinking, "Am I helpful enough? Am I doing it right?"  "Is this good enough for them?"

I remember having a conversation with Lisa about where they should shoot me, she was concerned about shooting me in a field.  How I should be portrayed because I'm Black.  I understand the sensitivity of how and where I should be portrayed.  I'm a Black Kenyan woman who grew up close to nature and I wanted to be somewhere where I felt comfortable.  I totally understand and I respect that someone else may have a different feeling, but I thought, "you know what? Let's just do it", because then it opens up conversations.


Tell me about your experience in these clothes? How did you feel about them? Were there some you liked more than others?


They have this feeling that reminds me of growing up - I got to wear the clothes before the shoot and I could feel the clothing forming to my body.  I really like and respect the concept behind the clothing and I can see myself wearing them for a long time.  I like to have pieces in my wardrobe that last, that change hands.  I still have some dresses from my mom that she wore then she was pregnant with me and I still wear them today. They are just as beautiful and stylish to me as they were to when she wore them.

I am so invested in that, I love the idea of each piece of clothing lasting a long time.


MEGAN REYNOLDS @megaxprojcts


Tell us about yourself, how did you end up at this photoshoot and one of our models?


My connection to FOUR is through Lune. I met Lisa a few years ago through my best friend who produced shoots for a company Lisa worked with at the time. We hit it off and she asked me to be involved in the 'birth' of Lune, the stunning space as we know it. 

I lived and worked in Toronto for 10 years, primarily in fashion, hospitality and events and in 2019 I made the move back to where I grew up -- Goderich, ON. Strangely enough, this was the same time-ish that I met Lisa and just so happens to be where Lune is located. I have since planned quite a few events that have taken place on Lune's beautiful grounds. 


What are you working on right now that you're passionate about? It can be anything from work-work to yourself to your home or hobbies, just what is bringing you joy and meaning...


Lately, I've been working on taking time to re-set and establish live/work boundaries. I've discovered nature trails, read more than I have in the past 3 years, started a daily gratitude journal and weekly mediation. I feel fulfilled, recharged and ready to be a better ally and support system to my friends, family and community. I've also been cooking loads for friends, family and myself, which feels especially nourishing this time of year. I'm currently working on collaborating with like-minded people on projects that are driven by creativity and passion. I've always been focused on 'practical' work and positions that drive sales or show direct growth. Taking this time to be playful and explore has felt full circle, like a second education of sorts. I am most excited to be introducing a line of found objects, which are design-focused household items, at the end of this year.     


How did you feel in the clothes? What was your experience at first, and then after wearing them for a while?


I felt so comfortable in the pieces especially the button-downs and the sweater! I lived in the indigo chambray this summer and have continued working it into my Fall wardrobe..it's just so damn comfortable. One of my favourite features with the foundation sweater is the deep neck. I like being able to hide in it while working from home or throwing it on with a worn-in pair of jeans and heeled boots for a cosy dinner out. It still looks the same as the first time I wore it but it feels like I've been wearing it for my whole life.   

Thank you to our incredible photographer, Arash for his talent in bringing our vision to light. ARASH MOALLEMI @arashmoallemi



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"The foundation sweater is beyond a staple. I would wear it every day if I could. It’s soft, comfortable, and easy to move in. Sometimes I realize I’ve worn it several days in a row to work and I just hope no one notices!"

Nora, Psychotherapist & COLLECTOR

"My rabbit jacket has become one of the favorite go-to layering pieces in my wardrobe since I first bought it over a year ago. I love how timeless and well-made the garment is, with the interior being just as beautiful to look at as the exterior. I receive so many compliments every time I wear this jacket and am always quick to open it up and show off how well-considered and finished the inside is. The slightly shorter sleeve length is ideal for layering over a longer shirt sleeve or sweater, which has always been one of my favorite styling proportions in a good jacket. The fabric is warm but light enough to be worn for at least 3 seasons of the year, with a tiny little woven dot that is special but just understated enough to remain a neutral."

Summer, Florist & COLLECTOR

What a treasure! I got my beautiful shirts, and put them both on this morning and thought, oh jeez, how am i going to decide??? They're different and both PERFECT, literally a perfect fit for me, loose, baggy and comfortable, but not so wide that I look drowned. Such great fabrics, one spring, one summer, both perfection. I had a plan for this summer, to go on a month-long trip in Eastern Europe with two shirts and one pair of pants. I am just so sick of carrying things. Immediately I realized that the chambray would be the shirt to carry FOR SURE!!! I'm wearing the black wool one now and it's so cozy on this chilly day. i LOVE wool + cotton, it's from heaven. BOTH ARE, thank you so much! XXX

Amy Sillman, Painter & COLLECTOR

"The GOK black wool shirt is everything I’d hoped for. A comfort layer, stylish addition, over jeans with black hi-tops leaves me feeling fierce. I’ve made a pledge to only buy things from now on that will last forever, quality, sustainability, timeless - this ticks all the boxes, not cheap but worth every penny."

Sophie Darlington, Wildlife Camerawoman

"I am loving my sweater! I put it on immediately! Great fit, so light, soft and warm. The temperature fell into the low twenties last night so I’m again wearing it all the time. It is like wearing warm love. Four makes me happy in so many ways! Thank YOU!

Sandra, Lover of trees & COLLECTOR

"I just want to say how proud I am to have been a part of this. I have been wearing my jacket the last few days for various occasions. I have received SO many compliments. I love it"

Rabbit Goody, Masterweaver at Thistle Hill Weavers

"I received the second piece of your collection and had to reach out and tell you that I am so impressed. I struggle to find button down blouses that fit right, are stylish and are made of quality materials. You nailed it! It is perfect in every respect and I have received so many compliments - of course I directed everyone to your site. Thank you again for such a lovely addition to my wardrobe."

Julie, Attorney & COLLECTOR

"I LOVE this sweater. Whenever I don’t know what to wear, I put it on. In addition, of course, to the many times I pull it out on purpose, thinking of it all morning as I get ready because it’s simply among the coziest, most stylish, most versatile sweaters I own. And, I adore the color. It literally goes with everything."

Danielle, Independent Journalist

"My Rabbit Jacket is the perfect jacket right now. I can put it on while the sun is shining but the air is chilly. It goes well over most my shirts and sweaters. The best part of wearing my Rabbit Jacket is I get so many compliments!"


"I am wishing for your success. The blue shirt, I kid you not, is my favorite. Sizing is perfection in width, shoulders and I love the lower back. I have 7 closets full of clothes I no longer wear. Too trendy. Nothing fits comfortably. Love my jacket as well. And bought another shirt for my daughter as well."


"Alpaca has always been my absolute favorite fiber because it's light weight but has a loft and softness that is better than cashmere, in my opinion. I love how chunky and boxy this sweater is, without it being too warm to overheat when wearing in temperature-controlled environments. I wear it tucked into high waist jeans and it doesn't feel too bulky, or untucked to show off the hem detail, which is a flattering slightly longer length in the back."

Summer, Florist & COLLECTOR

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Rabbit Jacket!!! If there's one piece of clothing I'd save in a fire, this is it. It's perfection. It has a quiet, transformative magic; in it I feel confident, comfortable, and with those pockets, ready for anything. The pockets are seriously phenomenal. There is nothing this jacket cannot do- long walks, parties, work, evenings at home, days running around. The fabric is exquisite-- heirloom quality, really special, yet rugged enough that I feel fearless in it. I do not have to worry! (I also love that little bit of tactile joy in the leather button). It's basically my soulmate in a jacket. I see us growing old together. "

Tania, Entrepreneur

I love this shirt! The cotton/linen fabric is beautiful, with a soft hand and a sturdy weight. The workmanship is exceptional. I will order more and overdye so I can have the shirt in blue and saffron as well. A note about the fit that other customers might find useful: I am 5'3", weigh 150, with narrow hips and a 36DDD bust. I ordered XL, because I want to wear a layering top underneath, because I don't like shirts that are tight across the bust, and because a "fashion fit" is such a crapshoot. XL (Size 5) FIT ALMOST PERFECTLY! The sleeves are barely 1/2" too long (not worth altering). Most important, the shoulder width is spot-on perfect at 19". Good for me, maybe not so good for someone who is taller than me with broader shoulders, which is just about everybody.

Michele K., Collector

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